running nvGraph sssp example


I am trying to compile the nvGraph sssp example.I have included the header file nvgraph.h. But while compiling my program is showing an error: nvgraph.h no such file or directory. How can I fix the error?

Your help is appreciated.

On recent versions of CUDA, there is a CUDA sample project showing how to use nvgraph in a SSSP example. On a linux install it is here:


Do you have that sample code? If so, building it should be easy.

Otherwise would need more information about what you are doing:

  • what operating system?
  • what CUDA version?
  • are you compiling with nvcc? (i.e. what is the compile command line) and if not, have you added the proper include path for the cuda header files (e.g. /usr/local/cuda/include) to your include search path while compiling?