Running nvidia gpu in ubuntu docker container using windows 10 docker setup and windows 10 nvidia drivers.

I am using a GTX-1080 card that setup on windows 10 machine to run tensorflow in windows successfully. I wanted to run an application that is linux base that I can successfully run in windows docker (linux container) but without access to the gpu but still using tensorflow. I understand the nvidia docker wrapper doesn’t allow windows use. I am not sure if this means if I am using a linux docker container within a windows 10 environment it won’t work or just not a windows container.

If I am using an ubuntu container, can I gain access to the gpu and have a separate driver installed in the container(ubuntu based) so I can use the GPU with tensorflow within the container even though windows drivers are used on the host system. This is to run openai universe applications.

No, host OS has to be linux.

same question. if host OS is macOS. is it ok?
Thanks for your reply in advance.

No, a linux container can only use linux devices so the host OS has to be linux.

Addendum: since I barely know anything about the use case you’re thinking of, maybe you can make use of this: