Running Python code without using Isaac Sim Script Editor

Hi, I’ve seen similar question here but I don’t want to create a new example. I have my own .usd file(it is not generated by code as in hello world example) and I want to run my code outside of Isaac sim.(without using script editor of Isaac) Is there a way to do this cleanly? Or at least is there a way to add my code as some kind of button(widget) to Isaac. I don’t want to copy and paste my code to script editor whenever I open the Isaac sim.

You can open stage (usd file) in python with:

from omni.isaac.kit import SimulationApp
simulation_app = SimulationApp()

from omni.isaac.core.utils.stage import open_stage
result = open_stage(usd_path="path_to_usd.usd")

or constructor of SimulationApp can take options as a parameter and one of the options is a path to usd file, which should be open

Hope it help you

Thank you for your answer. I forgot to add that I also want to show my changes on Isaac in real-time as well. In my case I am doing ray tracing to calculate some values. I just want to run my code in Vscode, draw some lines on Isaac and plot some additional graphs using another library.(matplotlib for example)