Running replicator container on cloud Nvidia-L4

No output is generated when running the script as in instructions

on a GCP VM. I tested also using relative and absolute path for but neither works
log.txt (102.4 KB)

Hi @ilias.papastratis looking at the log, this pops out at me:

2024-02-13 12:50:29 [36,437ms] [Warning] [omni.replicator.core.scripts.backends.log] [tid 139960574741888][backends][] No root directory specified in carb setting `/omni/replicator/backends/disk/root_dir`. Writing data to /root/omni.replicator_out/output

It looks like it loaded the kitapp correctly (it shows [33.333s] RTX ready), runs some replicator stuff, and shuts down. See if it perhaps output the files to an unexpected directory.