Running ROS2 Galactic and Cupy on a Docker on the Jetson Xavier NX

I’m trying to run ROS2 Galactic and Cupy on the Jetson Xavier NX. As it is not possible to install ROS2 Galactic natively I am using a docker.

Until now I have only used ROS2 Galactic and it worked perfectly. I create a Dockerfile pulling ros:galactic and used docker buildx to build for the target platform linux/arm64.

Now I want to add cupy. I understand that to install cupy it is necesarry to have cuda installed. So is it possible to install cuda into my existing Docker Image or do I have to use an Docker Image from NVIDIA providing CUDA and then try to install ROS2 Galactic in there?

Im happy for any comments.


Hi @Benutzer636, in order to use GPU, you should use a container based off of l4t-base, like the ROS containers that we have here:

I don’t believe my ROS containers have cupy, but the l4t-ml container does, so you can add the cupy part to my ROS Galactic dockerfile:

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