Running SDK Examples on Machines without compiler

Hello Forum,

Can anyopne help me with regards to running the SDK examples on a machine wihtout a compiler?

I have VC++ inst6alled on XP, but the Nvidia Card is on different mahcine running Vista.

I just wanted to get something up and running quickly and browse the examples.

When I run the SDK examples from their directories I get a error message informing me cudart can’t be found - this is installed with the toolkit under C:\CUDA…\bin together with all the other necessary dlls.

Somehow I need the system to know to look at the CUDA…\bin directory for the run time nad other dlls.

I may not have installed things in the right order (posibly SDK then toolkit, does it matter?)

Any ideas?


hello, just copy the dlls, like cudart.dll with the samples.

Just ahead of you…

All I can sya is Wow…

What a set of demos.

And I’ve only got a baisc card.

Now all I have to do is work out what is goins on…