Running the optixProgressiveVCA example with DGX-1


Our center, here at The Oak Ridge National Laboratory have recently acquired a DGX-1. My purpose is to use it for scientific visualization.

I’ve developed a prototype using the Optix progressive features, right know the rendering engine is running in the DGX-1 (so it is not using the advantages of progressive rendering at all), and sends the frames, as a stream of images, through websockets to a web browser running in the client.

I’ve noticed that the optixProgressiveVCA requires a Websocket URL and also I can tell that such example is supposed to be the client application. From section 3.6.1 such URL is for the “cluster manager” which I guess is included in the Nvidia VCA.

My question here is what piece of software should be run in the DGX-1 so it can establish connection with the optixProgressiveVCA example.



Hi Benjamin,

Please forward this question to optix-help@nvidia and we’ll get a thread started to help you.