Running the ZED-camera on TX1 with OpenCV with OpenGL

Hi all,

We are currently working on a project involving the TX1 where we also need functionality from the OpenCV library. The ZED-camera seems to rely on OpenGL for some parts of it’s functionality , however if you install OpenCV on your Jetson the default way (according to this guide it seems like it doesn’t install it with OpenGL, and that you need to compile it from source with cmake -D WITH_OPEN_GL=ON.

But when we try to do that we run into problems like “recipe for target ‘all’ failed”. Is it even possible to install OpenCV from source on the TX1? Also, would it then have to be an older version instead of the current one which is 3.1?

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Hi Zazz,

Yes, it’s possible to install OpenCV from source on the TX1, there are many successful cases already, you can refer to the experience sharing from below topic: