Running XenDesktop 7.6 on VMWare 5.5


We are running XD7.6 on VMware 5.5 using vDGA. We have a K2 Grid card installed on the ESX host and it is passing through to 2 VMs. When I connect to the VMs via XenDesktop, the display will intermittently freeze during the session. I can sometimes run for days with no issue, other times only a few minutes. There are no events logged on the VM that refer to any failures. If I disconnect the desktop session when it hangs, I can always reconnect and it picks up right where I left off. I am running Windows 7 on my XenDesktops and using the NVIDIA x64 driver 347.52. Has anyone else seen this issue?

We are also having this same exact issue. Verified it occurs on both ESX and XenServer Hypervisors. In order to work around it we need to either disconnect or resize the desktop viewer window. This then takes users back to their current session. Sometimes it will happen 5+ times to a single user in a day, sometimes users will go days without experiencing it.

We have not been able to tie it down to a specific application. This occurs with vGPU’s in our environment so this does not seem to be specific to vDGA.

We have opened countless Citrix cases and spoken to NVIDIA reps, but everyone seems to brush this under the rug. It is a non-starter for our production environment.

Can you provide the case references.

Thanks for the reply. The Citrix Cases regarding NVIDIA related issues are 68364967 and 67692013.


Have you received any updates on your case?

We have been applying pressure, but Citrix is slow to reply if they reply at all. We have escalated through every possible channel. We will post the resolution here once we find it.

Citrix was able to provide us wit ha replacement for Hd3dProviders.dll which resolved the issue.

Was this file replaced on each VM or on the client side? We ended up moving to vSphere 6 and vGPU. So far it has been stable.