Running Zed camera causes shutdown

Testing Zed camera. After awhile the temp goes over 50 and the TX1 locks up. If you hit the on switch the led will come on but no boot and then led goes off. I assume this is temp related. If you leave it off for a bit it works just fine. Added an additional fan to blow over the cpu module and it seems to hold around 45. I turned on the fan before starting the Zed. Used 255 for maximum speed. Using the newest os. Are there some other settings for throttling that need to be changed to keep this from happening? Put the Zed on one of my TK1 boards and it runs just fine for long periods. Nothing else is running except the Zed Depth Viewer software that comes with the camera. Running 720p res. Doesn’t seem to matter much if your run 720p or 1080p on how fast the temp comes up and it locks. Not running any performance scripts only thing different than regular boot up is turning on the fan before firing up the Zed software.


I am having a similar issue with my JTX1 and my ZED. Though, for me it mainly happens when I drive the ZED camera from the ROS wrapper AND I visualize it with rqt_image_view in ROS. But I have had it happen once with just the ZED Depth Viewer, but this is more difficult to reproduce on my JTX1.

You think this is a heating issue? I am logging temperatures between 48 and 50 degrees C when it’s all up an running - is that considered critical for the JTX1?

After my JTX1 locks up, I noticed the same issue that it doesn’t want to boot up right away. Only when I unplug the ZED it actually boots right away.

I have had similar issues with USB cameras and the i.mx6 (some other SOC board) when my camera drew too much current: it would then lock up my i.mx6. But with the JTX1 I actually have a USB 3.0 hub with an external power supply tthat is rated 3A, so I don’t think this is the issue here.

Like yourself, I am not having this issue on my JTK1 (yet), and it runs about 10 degrees C cooler.

Have you had any break-through on this issue by any chance?