Runtime change tracker config

• Hardware Platform ( GPU)
• DeepStream Version 6.1.1
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I want to finetune tracker config during runtime. I use g_timeout_add_seconds to check if the config file is change, if true then

g_object_set (G_OBJECT (tracker), "ll-config-file",
      tracker_config, NULL);

However it seems not work. Is it possible to change tracker ll-config-file during runtime?

No, you can’t change config runtime. Why you need change it? Which parameter you need change it runtime?

Because I want to finetune tracker parameter. I have cctv for my use case and I don’t want to shut down my program during I am tuning the parameter.
For example minMatchingScore4VisualSimilarity minMatchingScore4SizeSimilarity and parameters for StateEstimator

Why you need tune those parameters in your use case? When does those parameter need change?

Because my program will deploy to many different place. Every the program deploy to a new place, I will need to tune the tracker config. Use vehicle tracker as example, some place the car speed is slow, and some place car speed is high. I will need to tune the Data Associator in case the tracker filter too many boundingbox.
There are so many parameter for the tracker. If there is a better way or best practice for tuning those parameters I am glad to know.

I can understand you need to tune the tracker parameter based on your use case. But I still don’t understand why you need change the parameter runtime.

Because I don’t want to shutdown my app during I am tuning. For people counting as example. I always watch the video stream while I am tuning. I want to see how the config affect the tracking result immediately. If I increase or decrease minMatchingScore4SizeSimilarity the, I want to see if the bounding box if filter out or not immediately. Or I want to do some experiments about how every parameter affect the final result. If it can’t load these parameter at runtime, I will need to restart my app many time and waste many time.

So your request is for debugging. NOT for production.

Yes, that’s true

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DeepStream can’t support change tracker config runtime.

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