Runtime error 'abort() has been called' when calling device_vector()

Hello everyone,
I am using the CUDA Thrust library. For some odd reason I’m getting an ‘abort() has been called’ run-time exception whenever I call the device_vector constructor (i.e., device_vector d_vec( 5 )). This issue is even prevalent when running the code posted on the Thrust quick start guide, so there shouldn’t be an issue with the Thrust code.

This hadn’t happened in the past. It’s odd that all of a sudden it’s happening. What could trigger such an exception and how to fix it?

FYI, CUDA 4.1 installed using VC++ 2010, 64-bit Windows 7. Nvidia Geforce 260 GTX. I have installed the driver needed for the respective device.

Maybe try to see if another library works on your system to rule out if this is a Thrust problem or a system config problem. ArrayFire is a great choice for an alternative library to try. Download here.