RunUSD Validation Service

Please report issues and feedback on the RunUSD Validation Service to this topic. Thanks for trying out this early access prototype and helping us improve it!

These are the currently known issues and limitations of the RunUSD Validation Service (many of which have fixes in development):

  • validation sessions are limited to 1 per user
  • if a spurious session limit is encountered, it may take a few minutes for the culprit session to expire
  • some assets may show up as empty due to camera clipping issues (usdview: files are not framed correctly and auto clipping is not helping much · Issue #2557 · PixarAnimationStudios/OpenUSD · GitHub)
    • similarly, viewport may be too aggressive in clipping when zooming in on assets
  • improved human-readable validation report is in development (raw JSON will always be downloadable)
  • some regions may experience slower performance
  • sometimes the webpage may request microphone access, even though it is not needed
  • rendering artifacts/corruption may appear if the viewport is left idle for several minutes
  • not all viewport controls / gestures may respond on iOS devices
  • Materials with translucency may produce artifacts, especially on animated objects
  • Materials with translucency and metalness are missing reflections in the metallic areas
  • Materials with occlusion maps render translucent areas 100% black and opaque
  • UDIM textures do not resolve
  • MDL and MaterialX shaders do not resolve