Ryzen 7 with GTX 1660 Ti screen tearing problem

Hi All,

I bought a new laptop with discrete graphics. The laptop is Asus FX705DU.

AMD Ryzen 7 3750H

This setup (Ryzen + NVIDIA) seems to be getting more and more common lately.

Here are screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/v52BU5E

Screen tearing is very large. At some moments, it is completely impossible to watch the video on both the internal or the external display. Tested on Manjaro and Ubuntu LTS. Tried various settings combinations that I managed to find in various forums but the tearing is still present.

I also tried “xrandr --output eDP-1-1 --set “PRIME Synchronization” 1” but not working with Ryzen CPU.

~$ xrandr --prop | grep PRIME
PRIME Synchronization: 0

The question is: Is there support planned for making prime sync work with the AMD card either through modesetting or amdgpu?


This has to be implemeted in the amdgpu kernel driver: