S_stream function enables then disables right afterwards


I’m trying to make my single ar0144 camera to dual to work on jetson nano 4gb, since it has 2 lane MIPI.

The single version works fine with my jetson nano 2gb, but when ever I try to make it dual, there is this strange (I guess bug) thing happens.

[ 693.673333] ar0144 7-0010: ar0144_s_stream func begin
[ 693.673336] ar0144_s_stream enable
[ 694.084996] ar0144 7-0010: ar0144_s_stream func begin
[ 694.085012] ar0144_s_stream disable
[ 694.085627] ar0144 8-0010: ar0144_s_stream func begin
[ 694.085639] ar0144_s_stream enable
[ 694.516263] ar0144 8-0010: ar0144_s_stream func begin
[ 694.516274] ar0144_s_stream disable

It also write its registers without an issue.

I’m hard stuck with this any help ?

hello tunakayakaan,

could you please elaborate your environment setups. did you meant you’ve verify single camera use-case?
how you extend camera supports, please see-also Nano’s single/dual camera device tree for reference,
for example, tegra210-camera-rbpcv2-dual-imx219.dtsi and tegra210-camera-rbpcv2-imx219.dtsi.

Hello Jerry,

So I have 4gb Jetson Nano with two ar0144 cameras which is connected to two available 2 MIPI ports that’s pretty much it for setup. Yes, I verify the single camera use-case for this camera and it’s working great, however I want to make it work for dual cameras that’s why I am asking. I also take a look at dual version of IMX219 and modify it accordingly to that. Btw I’m using 32.5.1

hello tunakayakaan,

please review the reference driver to implement dual camera supports,
you should also review the port bindings to check they’re mapping correctly.

Hi Jerry,

I manage the solve this issue by changing the format of the camera. I forgot to change it, my mistake. Now it works with GRAY8.

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