S1070, 180.06 & 180.60 Use of CUDA 2.1beta drivers (180.06 & 180.60) on a S1070

I have a S1070 an I recently upgraded the driver from 177.73 to 180.06 (the package names) for CUDA 2.1beta,
and things worked much better.

A colleague just notified me that on the NVidia CUDA site, there was a driver labelled “not appropriate for use S1070 systems”.
Which got me worried :-) The version on the website is 180.60, but the package seems to be the same - versioned 180.06.

I’ve downgraded back to 177.73, but I didn’t see any problem while using 180.06 / 180.60.

What are the problems / dangers in using 180.06 / 180.60 on a S1070 ?


CUDA worked fine for me. However I ran into some problems reading the temperatures from the S1070 using nvidia-smi.