S870 problem on rhel4

Hello. I have some problems when installing S870 driver on rhel4(x_64). The problem is that I cannot enter red hat if I reboot the system after the driver is installed. It is strange that before rebooting, it works well and projects in SDK can run well. But after rebooting, it… And there is another Card(NVS 290) in my HP workstation. So i guess maybe the system has some problems in handling two cards. Maybe i have to configure the xconfig file to handle that, or sth has to be set in BIOS?Thanks!

All you’ve stated is “But after rebooting, it…”. What is the actual problem ?

Please generate and attach an nvidia-bug-report.log.

Firstly, I installed the redhat and immediately installed the S870 driver. OKl, it works well. The system can detect both the NVS290 and 4 C870. And then, I reboot the system. But when the system is detecting new devices(maybe a boot service of red hat), it asks me whether to configure the xconfig file. If I choose yes, the xconfig file is replaced by the original version and thus no any card can be detected , although by that means I can log in the system. But if I choose not to configure, the system will make no response and keep on waiting and waiting. The log is on that computer, which is in my office and thus I cannot attach it now. But based on what I have said, what is the problem?Thanks!