S870 reports as C870 see only 1 GPU

We’re installing an S870 on two IBM 3755 servers (one cable to each server). Everything looks good, except deviceQuery reports that it is a “Tesla C870”. And multiGPU reports only 1 GPU. We have the 171.05 driver and everything else with the CUDA examples looks OK (assuming we have 1 GPU available).

How do I get access to all 4 GPUs?

Please generate and attach an nvidia-bug-report.log

Attached nvidia-bug-report.log

well, it looks like the attaching did not work

We now have both 3755 servers up. The other server reports two C870s. I suppose we’ll try swapping cables and see if this is a hardware problem.

Try attaching log again.

I believe some extensions are not allowed to be attached, I think zipping helps.

Just wouldn’t accept it from Windows. This looks like it’ll work from Linux.[attachment=5901:attachment]
nvidia_bug_report.log.gz (21.7 KB)

We connected both cables to a single 3755. It’s all good now: reporting as 4 C870s.