Safe Lettuce --- Re-Training ResNet-18 on Lettuce Diseases Dataset

Hi everyone!

I’d like to share this fun project I did with Jetson Nano, after learning some skills with Hello AI World. It is an image classification that retrains ResNet-18 on a lettuce disease dataset and aims to help people identify what’s wrong with their lettuce by looking at the lettuce leaves.

I came up with this idea because I was cutting up lettuce for dinner the other day and found some sus-looking lettuce leaves. I don’t know what disease it actually is and whether if I should consume it or throw the lettuce away. So I was like, why not build a project that helps me compost less and consume safer lettuce?

This re-trained model will classify a lettuce leaf as healthy, bacterially infected, or fungal-dominated and show how confident it is upon this judgement. Narrowing down the leaf condition to the above 3 classes makes it easier for people to search up online about whether their lettuce is safe to consume or not.

For example, people can now simply search up “bacterially infected lettuce” without wondering which disease their lettuce have. They can easily answer whether if they can eat the whole thing or they have to compost some parts base on their search results.

I think this could thus help us reduce food waste and food poisoning incidents.

Check out the full tutorial on recreating this project at my GitHub!
Jetson Nano Safe Lettuce
This is a quick model performance demo that I put on YouTube:
Safe Lettuce with Jetson Nano

Good idea @xxzhang17 and great job with your project! You did well training and evaluating your model with rigor. In addition to applying this concept to other foods at home, you could see this approach getting used on farms and in food processing plants on high-speed conveyors/ect to improve the quality of foods that get shipped to grocery stores.

Nice documentation, keep it up!

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Thank you @dusty_nv! I really appreciate learning with your jetson-inference page on github and thank you for the valuable insight on how this concept is already being applied in real life. Imma keep exploring jetson and dive deeper into the crops direction to see how I can contribute to social impacts :)

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