saint row the third gpu goes 99% around 20 minutes of gameplay


When use saint row the third on wine 1.7.40 and 1.7.41 with nvidia drivers 349.12 and 349.16 after use around 20 minutes of gameplay gpu goes to 99% and fps fall around 1 to 5 fps*

This situation appears when begins need guns chapter

If charge new game back to normally but for around 20 minutes depending where stay in game

Without forget texture flickering problems

I leave this video showing this situation

On minutes 12:20 - 28:47 - 41:25 - 51:32 - 1:02:00


Hi with nvidia 352.09 and wine 1.7.43 error still remains in need guns chapter

However if you explore all island in 1st chapter, works correctly (this test of 1 hour duration)

Maybe difference stay in new characters in need guns chapter