sample_drivenet colour

I’m running the sample_drivenet with ar0231-rccb cameras. But the image colour looks so strange. Even the original image looks like missing the red colour channel (the surface of chair is red). How should I fix this problem? I’m still using driveworks-0.2.1, would that be a case?

Don’t know how to upload the images.oops

Hello WZhouuuu,

It is known issue please see page9 in NVIDIA_DriveWorks_SDK_Release_Notes_0.2.1.pdf.
Could you please update DriveWorks 0.3? Thanks.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply. I updated the Aurix and also flashed the Tegra. But when I ran the sample camera code, the software is frozen. What could be the problem of this?

Hi Steve,

How to update DriveWorks 0.3?

Download the DriveInstall from Require the Ubuntu 14.04 host system. Downloading all other files and flashing the Tegra is included when you run DriveInstall.

Thank you WZhouuuu