Sample/Example on Manipulation with the hardware, (not the simulation)

Hi, we have good examples on navigation planning using Kaya and Carter. Is there any example where we can see manipulation using real hardware(not talking about simulations for UR10), preferably Robotis OpenManipulator-X or similar. Example that can teach how the hardware graph for Chain Manipulator can be written and connected with the manipulation GEMs.


Looking for a manipulation example @nvidia

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The current documentation presently has me wandering around in the dark trying to figure out how all of this works.

I am presently trying to implement a robotic arm with Isaac, The current documentation leaves me rather confused on how to generate a kinematic json much less put all the pieces together.


+1 @nvidia

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The documentation needs a lot of improvement. It takes a lot of time to understand how things are working in ISAAC.

I am finding it difficult to understand how to control multiple Dynamixel motors from ISAAC. The examples are not sufficient to understand how to code the hardware graphs. Examples are just based on simulations. Need an example from which we can understand how to pull all the pieces together.


@nvidia I am looking for a guide on how to manipulate hardware.

Our documentation for actual hardware could be expanded for sure. I suspect the thought had been that simulation was where most people would try things out and that the leap from there would somehow be straightforward but that is not and never really could be the the case.

I’ll get more documentation on Dynamixel motors and samples of using manipulation GEMs with actual arms on our roadmap.

I get that this is more of a “how does it all fit together” guide request in this thread, but if there are any specific questions, please post them separately to the forum.

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Thanks @hemals .

I shall post specific question that can help me get there.

Also, how soon can we see more on the manipulation documentation using hardware?

That’s a good question. We still have to prioritize this and get one or more people assigned to it for 2021.1 planning, so it could be a while. If I get some of the hardware locally, I might be able to get more complete answers myself. Once I have a better idea, I’ll update.

Any updates on merging hardware manipulation stack with omniverse with perception and collision avoidance ?

No updates yet on updated hardware manipulation documentation with more examples for Isaac SDK but a new version of Isaac Sim 2022.1 just released with a set of new features and improvements.