Sample6, GLUT and Sutil

Hi, I’m trying to modify “GLUTDisplay.cpp” class file, because I want to make a few changes related to mouse control for my little project. I’m basing my project in Sample6, because it provides the camera movements that I need.

I’ve tried to change this class with no effect, the program runs as always. Then I even tried to remove the entire file “GLUTDisplay.cpp” and nothing happened. The build process ends correctly and then it launchs normally.

If I remove “GLUTDisplay.h” then Visual Studio 2012 tells me: “GLUTDisplay.h not found”. I supposed that maybe the code of GLUTDisplay is inside the file “Sutil.LIB”, which is linked to my project and without this link it doesn’t work.

What can I do in order to modify “GLUTDisplay.cpp” class?