sampleGoogleNet code does not include profiling in TensorRT 5

Online docs for TensorRT 5.0.3 mention profiling in sampleGoogleNet but it does not look like the profiling code is there anymore. Is it ok to copy sampleGoogleNet.cpp from TensorRT 4 for use with TensorRT 5?


I see sampleGoogleNet in TensorRT 5 GA release.

[18.11py3 container] ./tensorrt/samples/sampleGoogleNet/sampleGoogleNet.cpp

What I mean is that TensorRT 5 sampleGoogleNet.cpp no longer contains profiling code that is mentioned in the online docs. For example object gProfiler is no longer declared or used there.

OK. Apologies for the misunderstanding. We are looking at the document/code discrepancy.


You should be able to paste back the IProfiler related code from TRT4 sampleGooglenet sample to the TRT5 sampleGooglenet sample. It should work since nothing has changed in the IProfiler API.

We are working to correct the documentation for future TRT release.