SamplerYcbcrConversion feature not working as expected


I am developing a video manipulation related application and I’ve encountered a problem when dealing with Vulkan’s SamplerYcbcrConversion feature. The problem is that the sampled texture has only the red component. This problem only occurs on NVidia hardware, so I suspect that it is a driver-related issue. Moreover, validation layers do not complain about anything and I have meticulously followed the Vulkan spec regarding the feature. I am running Debian 10 with the latest drivers and a GTX 980,

I do not know how to retrieve logs related to the Vulkan execution of the driver, so if anyone teaches me how to do so, I’ll attach any related error logs. As I have mentioned earlier, VK_LAYER_KHRONOS_validation does not complain, so I have nothing to attach.

Moreover, if you know any other application that makes use of this extension, I’ll test it to check if the error is specific to my application. This blog post mentions that MPV uses it, but I have not found evidence of it on the source code of MPV nor its underlying lib’s code.

Thank you