Samples No Longer Installing with the rest of the SDK for NGX SDK 1.1

I just tried to install a fresh version of the SDK and it installs all the base files for the sdk but no longer is installing the samples directory. I was hoping to get a fresh clean build to compile under Visual Studio 2017 but now it no longer installs those samples.

Is there a way i can still get those samples, as i have a modified version but was hoping to get a clean install of those samples again.

I am in the developer program, etc. I am looking to use this tech for our studio. Appreciate any help.

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Hey. You have to compile the executables yourself. The source code, and project solutions for Visual Studio 2017 are included. If u are not familiar with coding in c/c++ development environments then i suggesting finding someone who can help you understand all that. If you are familiar with Vis. studio then load the .project file and solutions into visual studio and try building it. You might need to adjust search paths etc, depending on your env.

Again if this is not that familiar with you, you will need to ask someone to help you, or start to learn the microsoft development environment basics.

I had issues compiling one of the libs, forget which out of the gate but can’t remember what the issue was off hand but was not hard to fix, something a about the an option had to be set for the compiler and i found it out by searching for the error that studio spit out. Other than that it seemed not too bad to compile as long as you have the right nvidia card and drivers installed. Which is basically any RTX cards will work, and are needed to compile and run the examples.

Good luck man,