Samples run fine but cannot create new project in VS 2010 + NSight + CUDA 5

Hi All,

After hours of trying finally got the VS 2010 up and running with NSight. The samples from the CUDA5 download run fine in VS 2010, but I am stuck with creating new Project.

There is a message box at the lower right hand corner complaining something like “user canceled out of save…” when trying to create a new project.

This is the sequence of installation:

  1. installed update driver
  2. installed CUDA 5 tool kit. At this point i figured NSight is a separate product and the Eclipse version does not come with Windows download, so…
  3. installed VS 2010 eval version
  4. installed NSight (standalone version about 200M, not the big one around 1G).

There is only CUDA 4 project to be selected from the New Project Wizard. Is this the problem? Should I uninstall everything and use the big download that seems to work with CUDA 4?

Please help. Thanks in advance.