Samsung S6 support

Currently (3.1 / 1R2) I can’t debug on S6 (“Failed to pull device files: Invalid ELF header”). Any ideas? Can send the log.

Nsight Tegra-INVALID-ELF-HEADER.log (1.43 MB)

Unfortunately, on most Samsung devices the run-as command we use to allow debugging is not working properly. We’re trying to find a way to do without it, but have no ETA yet.

Bummer… Note4 with Android 4.4.4 works, though. Will see if Note4 with 5.0.1 works.

Seems like the same Note4 (physically the same) with 5.0.1 doesn’t work with Tegra (same ELF header error), but works with 4.4.4… This is just a serious showstopper for me… The app works on 4.4.4 but has issues with 5.0.1 and I can’t even debug it…

The support for devices with broken run-as will be a part of the upcoming Nsight Tegra release. By the way, if you can root your device, debugging will work fine (since we don’t use run-as where su is available).

Ha, really? I bet my Note4 with 5.0.1 was rooted at that time… But I’ll re-check. Thanks!

Yup, rooting definitely enabled debugging on S6 with 5.0.2 for me. Thanks A LOT for the hint!

You’re welcome! I’m glad that unblocked you :)

Hi, Artyom17. Please, take note that in NVIDIA Nsight Visual Studio Edition 3.2 we’ve added support for non-rooted Samsung devices with non-working ‘run-as’ command. That covers a broad range of existing Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S3/5 and Galaxy Note 3/4.