SATA connector woes

Would it have killed the designers to use male headers or to have moved C24 3mm further away?

there is a good sata cable included with this enclosure. offers decent room. you can see the gap using the zoom rollover feature on the photos.

There are a zillion workarounds. Mine was order a 7mm-thick 240G sandisk SSD, which arrived about 18 hours after I posted my complaint, and cost almost as much (Amazon Prime is my friend). There are also sata extension cables, and I suppose I could unsolder the connector and solder a different one.

The point is that it would have made more sense to put male connectors on the board.

it’s interesting to me that yours is the first and only mention of the issue. seems that if it actually did make more sense to have male connector there would have been more feedback.

Your point being?