SATA_DEV_SLP circuit design question

Hi NV Team,
Form [JetsonTX2_OEM_Product_DesignGuide.pdf] 20170912 version Page21,
D47 SATA_DEV_SLP said it’s Open Drain 3.3V, Pull-up on the module.

In [P2597_B04_OrCAD_schematics.pdf] Page12, R314 is NO STUFF

We measure TX2 carrier board R314 Pin2, it shows 1.8V.

(1)Why SATA_DEV_SLP is measured as 1.8V ,
not 3.3V said in JetsonTX2_OEM_Product_DesignGuide.pdf 20170912 version Page21?

(2)Should we keep R314 as “not mount” in our circuit as reference design if we use this SATA_DEV_SLP ?


Hi, it is 1.8V pull-up on Tegra side and go through a level shift to be 3.3V, so looks like a 3.3V OD from SATA connector side. Keep R314 ‘not mount’ as already have pull-up in module.