SATA device


I connected SATA device to the development card.

  1. How can I know if my version of L4T support this device?
  2. How can I mount to this device so I can use it as storage device?



did you try the below commands?:

 fdisk -l

As far as I am concerned, you may either need to format the hdd and create a filesystem, or can mount it as is, if it has a filesystem.
somehow like:

mount /dev/sdXY /mnt/folder_name

where X - is a letter of the device that is shown when you are executing “lsblk” command, Y - partition number, and /mnt/folder is the mountpoint to where you want to mount the device.

Otherwise, if it is recognized and has a filesystem already you may mount it from unity GUI

If it’s a brand new SATA device, you typically need to create a partition table and partition on it, marked as Linux ext.
Then create a ext4 filesystem, and mount it.

First, check what device it got assigned as:

ls /dev/sd*

This will typically show “sda” and perhaps “sda0” if the drive came pre-formatted for DOS/Windows.

Then, create a new partition table (note: This deletes anything on the drive):

sudo apt install -y gdisk
sudo sgdisk --zap /dev/sda
sudo sgdisk --clear /dev/sda
sudo sgdisk -n 0
sudo partprobe
sudo sgdisk -t 0:83

Now, create a ext4 file system:

sudo mkfs -t ext4 /dev/sda0

And make a spot where it will mount in your file system, arrange for it to be mounted on reboot, and mount it now:

sudo mkdir -p /opt/storage
sudo sh -c 'echo "/dev/sda0 /opt/storage ext4 defaults 0 2'
sudo mount /dev/sda0 /opt/storage

You may need to change the “sda” bits to be something else “sdb” or “sdc” or whatever, depending on how your drive showed up.

Moreover, for GUI mode you can use

sudo apt-get install gparted
sudo gparted