Sata verses PCIe

For some reason the designers of the TX1 carrier board decided to use connectors and board placement of these connectors that makes it impossible to use both the PCIe and SATA interfaces. Is there a technical reason for doing this with regard to the SOC or SOM?

I don’t know if right angle connectors would help or not…I guess it would depend on the PCIe card shape. I found these, which are basically the right angle version of the one I actually use:

No, the photos of what you suggest don’t appear to allow these right angle connectors to fit under any of the PCIe cards that I want to use ( and they are fairly short )… looking at the TX1 carrier board SATA connector it appears to require a male mate. Finding a male right angle cable that is lower than .28 inches would appear to be a difficult task.

Has anyone been able to use the SATA and PCIe connectors at the same time?