Satellite equipped with Jetson AGX Xavier

Dear All,

I would propose the Jetson AGX Xavier module as payload on board of a small-satellite (Cubesat).
Its main task would be on-board processing (OBP) for SATCOM applications.

Do you have any background on this topic?

Many thanks,
Marco Andrenacci

Hi Marco, like the other Jetsons, the Jetson AGX Xavier module is not intended by NVIDIA for space environment or RAD-hardened in any way, and as such it would be up to you to manage this risk. You may also be interested to contact Jetson ecosystem partner AiTech who have previously looked into space applications with TX2 and their ruggedized systems.

Thanks for the replay.

We are trying to propose it as payload on-board of a small-satellite/Cubesat at very low orbit where radiation should be very limited.

Indeed, one of the most important requirement for Cubesat is the possibility to reuse COTS HW made for ground.

Any others suggestions are welcome.