Save event list into a file after launching nsight from command line

I know it is possible to save the event list info from NSight but I was wondering if it is possible to do the same when launching Nsight with the command line? Maybe something similar to the export-frame-perf-metrics argument?

Thank you in advance.

Hi – Thank you for the suggestion. I’d like to understand the use case a little more – how do you anticipate using the exported event list? Are you anticipating using it alongside exported frame metrics?

I’m am doing research work for my university project and I wanted to use NSight to get benchmarks of my renderer on multiple computers. I planned on using the event list mainly because I can retrieve from there the time it takes to run the DispatchRays command which is what I am interested in specifically.
I can use the graphics interface but I was curious if it is possible to use a batch file to automate the process.

Thanks for the additional details. If your goal is just to time the DispatchRays command, I think you might be better matched to just using a d3d timing query for the singular command, because you can be in full control of when and how you collect for this simple case.