Save selected command messes up the coordinates

I am exporting a street scene geometry to iClone8.
In iClone I shall use motion director and all new tools to populate the streets with people.

But problem is that iClone USD import plugin crashes, even I have stripped down the meshes so much in my street USD geometry. That leaves me only the option to export one part of street at time with using the “save selected” command and then delete the saved objects and move on selecting / deleting the next part of street geometery.

But this also creates a new problem. As you can see from the video here:

The saved usd elements do not live up anymore. Not in iClone or not in Composer either:

How to solve this?


i think the reason why this is happening is because based on my observation “save selected” does two things:

  1. append a new xform on top of each of your selected prim
  2. move all selection in such a way that their averaged center becomes the new file’s origin. and that newly created xform from step 1 captures the offset from the origin.

so, knowing that, you can do a few things:

  1. “copy prim” instead. this will allow you to paste your copied prim into another stage as is without offset. this behavior is the same as UE’s copy paste between levels. however, the downside, of course, is you need to open up a new level; and in OV’s case, a new Stage. so you can save a temp file so that way you can delete the prim you’ve already copied and not lose track of where you are in your batches.
  2. create a new xform and parent the selected prim to that xform. in your case, it may be trickier because you are selecting a prim from inside of a reference (if you choose to select the whole reference instead, that’s fine too). once you’ve done that, you select the new xform and “save selected”. now, you will need take an extra step after this - you now need to delete the duplicate (not sure why this happens) and then find the xform you made in the other file and reset its position. that should restore the original transform of the prims you had picked out.