Save triggers a reset parameters on Lights


I don’t know why but some weird reason if I save the scene file, my lights parameters are reset(exposure, position, and size of the light) making it very hard to do something:

Here you can download the USD files and the log, I made the animation in Houdini and exported the usd to finish the look dev on Create:

ov.rar (611.4 KB)

I’m on NVIDIA Drivers 528.49, I hope that you can find what is causing this behavior.



I want to mention that now in 2022.3.3 the light PSR is not reset after saving the file, but as you can see, if I try to override the Position or Rotation from one of the referenced lights, it behaves very weirdly:

kit_20230321_235648_reference light override.log (997.3 KB)

Maybe this happen because the light is loaded as reference?

You can download the .usd file that I used from the first post.

Let me know what you think about it, thanks!