Saved Model is best model?

Looks like i have a lot of confusion! Just one more doubt; the saved model; is it the final model or the best model?
I did try to search but I couldn’t find it.
Thank you,

Final model should point to the last model saved on the last validation step as the training was completed
Best model should be the best one according to your metric it is usually reached somewhere in the middle of your training however it could be the same as the final model. you should monitor tensorboard to guide you since in the last case you should rerun and train for longer

thanks for your insight. how do i save the best model? as you would know quite well, in the keras modelcheckpoint, we have the option to save the best model. Is that possible by modifying the json file?

Please ignore the above question. I found in the document that both the final and best models are saved.
Sorry for confusion.