Saving License information in Vista

I have a machine here with Vista, Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2005, and pvf for both 2005, 2008. The problem is when a project is opened in either 2008 or 2005 the FLEXnet License Finder comes up asking for the license information. This machine has a node locked license running with the flexlm service. So I select “Specify the License Server System” enter “” and it accepts the license. However, when I click finish I get an error message “Error in saving configuration settings”. So the major problem is that the license server has to be entered all the time and is really annoying. I have made sure I’m logged in as administrator and even have tried to run Visual Studio as the administrator. I assume this is a result of Microsoft (in its finite wisdom) has not allowed anything to be written to Program Files. So my question is, where is this data saved and how do I need to edit it?

Thank you for your time.

Hi Andrew,

Sorry for a delay replay. Please send e-mail to for a solution.

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