Saving terminals records to .csv file

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• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU) JETSON AGX ORIN
• DeepStream Version 6.2
I’m writing over sample-3 python for a facew recnigitoin model. The terminals outputs every detected face name, latency of ever plug-in in the batch and FPS every 5 s. Is there a way to record all terminal data into a .csv file? Every frame details in a line.
Below is a screenshoot of my terminal output (Frame=748)

Comp name = nvv4l2decoder0 in_system_timestamp = 1705831441280.865967 out_system_timestamp = 1705831441326.470947 component latency= 45.604980
Comp name = nvstreammux-Stream-muxer source_id = 0 pad_index = 0 frame_num = 747 in_system_timestamp = 1705831441326.489990 out_system_timestamp = 1705831441389.677002 component_latency = 63.187012
Comp name = primary-inference face detector in_system_timestamp = 1705831441389.688965 out_system_timestamp = 1705831441395.564941 component latency= 5.875977
Comp name = secondary-inference face_classifier in_system_timestamp = 1705831441395.580078 out_system_timestamp = 1705831441426.566895 component latency= 30.986816
Source id = 0 Frame_num = 747 Frame latency = 161.14697265625 (ms)
Encode Latency = 15.650879
Predicted name: (‘D’, 83.39)
Predicted name: (‘B’, 80.07)
Frame Number=748 Face Count=2

seems you can create a table with lib pandas and append data from each frame as a new row.

For the above latency sample code can you please advise what should be the variables. I have tried to add as below to a .csv file
input_variable = [cNvDsFrameLatencyInfo]
but the output will give “<cdata ‘NvDsFrameLatencyInfo[2]’ owning 48 bytes>” not each plugin latency as in terminal
The full frame latency worked well but i need as well to extract each plugin latency to .csv file

Can’t you do it by doing this?
gst-launch or whatever >> data.csv
The format might be weird though.

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The latency value is in the C/C++ code. The patch you attached is just set some callback function. We don’t support write the latency to a csv file now. You can dump all the log in a file and process that yourself.

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