Saw this Screen and don't know how to solve

Hi Once I plug in my adapter, I saw this picture and don’t know how to proceed next step. Pls suggest with that issue. Thank you.

Is this a development kit (SD card model), or is this an eMMC model on a custom carrier board? Have you flashed yet? Assuming the monitor is true HDMI without adapters, then if you’ve already flashed (or have a correctly created SD card) probably you’d want to provide a serial console boot log. See:

it is the developemnt kit with SD card. I told the shop to install and flash SD card for me as I am quite new to Jetson nano. Do I need any other hardware to flash the SD or to make serial console boot?

Please read the post I shared. Ask any questions if you still don’t understand how to do.

yes I just want to know whether I need usb to ttl converter, as I don’t have one. I have watched the video and it said it needs usb to ttl converter. Or anyother ways to do so?

Please read the whole posts first. Not only the page to dump log.

so what i saw is that I need to dump the log first. and then I found few more steps for that. The problem is that I don’t know how I should dump the log.That’s why I want to ask you whether I need usb to ttl or can try with arduino serial monitor. Because I am not from that background so it is quite hard for me to understand some of the terms.But correct me if I am wrong.

There is a tool sdkmanager.

This tool provides the driver package to reflash both your sdcard and your board. You have to find a x64 ubuntu 18.04 host, install this tool, put your board into recovery mode and then start the re-flash.

SD card image is just a simple method for beginner. However, when system issue happens, re-install the sdcard image does not help. Only the sdkmanager can restore the status.

And the usb-ttl is just the method to dump log. With the log, we can know whether this is hardware problem or software problem. If this is software problem, then using sdkmanager can save it back.

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If you want to get boot logs from before the Linux kernel loads (and you do), then you must have the serial UART. These are actually fairly inexpensive, just make sure it uses 3.3V TTL levels.

If your Arduino serial monitor is 3.3V, then it will work. If not 3.3V, then you’ll need a different adapter (or some sort of level shifter).

Also, make sure you don’t see “quiet” in “cat /proc/cmdline”. The cmdline file is a list of parameters passed to the Linux kernel, and quiet turns off a lot of logging. If you see “quiet”, then remove the word “quiet” from file “/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf”, and reboot.

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