Sawp Nano Module

I own several old version Jetson Nano Developer KIts
Can I exchange modules of the same type between different boards?
If not, what happens if I do it?

Hi rpensotti,

The old devkit is A02 version, and only can support A02 version module.
The refreshed devkit includes a new revision of carrier board that supports both of the B01 modules (devkit version and production version). That carrier board will not support the A02 modules.

Please take a look at the Part Number hierarchy I listed here

  1. Can you please let me know where is the old J40 Pin set for Power Management in the new 2.0 version of the Nano?
  2. I purchased several Nanos and developed a few robot as an instructor at Houston Community College. Because of the pandemic, I’m idle now and I’m creating a testing platform that will allows students to develop their code for a variety of robotic and AI applications (see attache picture of the current prototype).
    One of my Nanos has a defective SD card slot that does not retain the micro SD in place. Is there any way that I can get a free replacement?
    Thank you for your help on both the subjects.
    Roberto Pensotti

The function of J40 on A02 board is moved to J50 on B01 board. You can get detail info in dev kit user guide.

For SD card slot issue, you can try RMA process.