sb7800 switch - all port leds are on and console unresponsive

Hi all!

I have a problem with SB7800 EDR switch.

It boots normally from OFF state, but after some time (about 10 min. or so) leds on all ports light amber and switch reboots.

After that, port leds stay amber, fans are not controlled (loud), logging in shows “System is initializing”.

After quite a long time prompt appears, but no information available about switch (port status, versions, voltages, etc). Can’t reboot or poweroff - just nothing happens.

Switch is not under warranty.

Is it hardware? Or could it be software problem?


Hello Alex,

Per the User Manual, the blinking amber system health LED indicates a fault. Blinking amber port LEDs indicate a link error. My understanding of your problem description is that the device at first cold-booted all the way up correctly. Once properly booted, about ten minutes later something occurred which lead to some type of error condition resulting in a reboot. You should be able to power cycle the switch by removing the power cables from the power source to see if that will allow the device to boot all the way up again, and to see if it happens again.

This would require some more in-depth troubleshooting/sysdump analysis to determine whether this is a hardware or software issue. Please open a ticket with Mellanox Technical Support for further assistance.



Thank you!

Yes, the issue is quite stable. After power cycle (if given enough time in off state) device boots again correctly and then again falls into bad state.

Port leds are not blinking, just light constantly.

I’ll check if I can contact technical support.