Scale of input to sgie operate on pgie

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Hi there,
I have a pipeline looks like this: yolo → retina, retina is sgie operate on yolo, process mode=2. My question what’s the scale of image cropped by deepstream before sgie.
For example, my video is 4k and yolo net scale is 640x640, will deepstream crops object at 640 level or 4k level.

Thanks in advance.

I guess it crops at the scale of pgie infer’s net, since I try to save the pics in nvinfer after

err = NvBufSurfTransform (&nvinfer->tmp_surf, mem->surf,

this surface/cropped image is fuzzy.

It will adapt your network input size:640x640.

Yeah that makes sense. Hope deepstream can support sgie infers on original frame in the future.

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