Scaling Ragdolls

So we are currently in a project where we scale the characters to get size variations. Now we use the Maya Dcc tool to set up the ragdoll for these characters and then use the .apx format to load the ragdoll setups into the engine. (Bitsquid)

Now what we see in engine is that the scaling that we have applied to our character also correctly scales the actors exported using the Maya plugin but the constraint positions relative to the actors are not updated to reflect the new scaling, causing the characters to compress or stretch when the ragdoll is turned on when the constraint snaps the bones of the character to their original constraint positions.

Is there a way to handle this automatically in physx, that is to scale whole chains of actors and constraint setups correctly? Given that the only knowlege we have is what is provided in the .apx format.

No, there is no way to automatically scale the constraint relationships.