Scatter_2d/randomizer works in 2022.1.1 but does not in 2022.1.2

In 1.1 the scatter_2d code does what it’s expected but if I try to use KittiWriter it crashes. In 1.2 KittiWriter works but the scatter does not happen, it runs the number of frames it’s set but the objects in the scene do nothing.
It only shows “Switch to the same render queue is requested”
kit_20220816_162502.log (1.5 MB)

Thanks @vlad.crehul. I’ve reached out to the dev team to have a look at this.


Do you have a repro script that we can try out on our end? For example, the following script seems to be executing fine:

import omni.replicator.core as rep

cube = rep.create.cube()
spheres = list()
for i in range(4):

with rep.trigger.on_frame(10):

The problem is I try to use a writer in 2022.1.1

Related to the scatter the updated and better phrased question is this: Scatter_2d does not work with multiple surfaces prims in omni.replicator.core1.2.4 and omniverse 2022.1.3 - Omniverse / Synthetic Data Generation (SDG) - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Hi @vlad.crehul. I’ve created internal issue OM-74639 as the dev team is looking into this.

Let me know if you have any update using the latest Code-2022.3 that I can provide the dev team.