Scene query with dynamic prunner structure not working

Hi, we are developping a game with unreal engine , which engine version 4.26 and physx version 3.4.1.

We currently have a occasional bug in mobile device. In some scenario, espeically when there are a lot of zombies( A zombie is articulated with 16 rigidy bodies(PxRigidDynamic) for gun hit test and ragdoll), scene query with dynamic prunner structure does not work and return no hit, but static prunner structure is correct and return hit. So the player character will go throuth the zombies, which should block.
Both static prunner structure and dynamic prunner structure use PxPruningStructureType::eDYNAMIC_AABB_TREE. We found that if we call forceDynamicTreeRebuild will fixed the problem.

Do you have any idea about this problem?