Scheduled power-up / wake up

What are my options for having scheduled power-up or wake-up?
I assume that I need to have external RTC.
I understand that the SOM supports wakeup, by defined time - not by date.

Scheduled Wakeup from sleep is support. NOT from power-down.
We have external RTC from PMIC. As of now, power supply should be connected since there is no backup battery. If you want to connect one in your design board, that also wiil work.

You can punch in the schedule date in something like this format

sh -c “echo date '+%s' -d '+ 420 minutes' > /sys/class/rtc/rtc0/wakealarm”

Just to clarify, the ‘external RTC from PMIC’ is on the SOM - or that it is in the carrier of the reference design?

Its in the SOM.
All essential component is in the CVM module. It hosts, Power IC, DDR, Secondary storage, and ofcourse tegra SOC


There is also a problem about RTC backup super capacitor.
We measured voltage of the TX2 SOM of “pin A50” (network VDD_RTC), the voltage was 0V.
We could make sure that the super capacitor has no problem.
Is there any parameters that we need to set about PMIC?



VDD_RTC (A50) is for Tegra RTC and when the system is down or in suspend state, there is no power there.
PMIC RTC is being used for time retention. So, if the power to the PMIC is there, then RTC is on.