Schematic for PX2 & Aurix, in order to inhibit / disengage from CAN bus (Solved)

For an ASIL D design, we want the ability to inhibit all CAN bus connections of the PX2 in the event of a fault.

  1. Is the AURIX capable of inhibiting all CAN transceivers, to a recessive state? Can you share the register / pin or command to achieve this?

  2. Could we use the schematic for the PX2 AURIX, so that we can develop software using the current layout?

Thank you,

  • Nick

Dear Nick,

  1. Could you please refer to EB-DrivePX_Software_User_Guide_DPX2_P2379.pdf in
    And also refer to
    I sent EB contact point via PM, please check this topic with the contact point.

  2. Could you please contact your NVIDIA representative? Thanks.

For future searchers:

Elektrobit does not have the PX2 schematic, although the provided demo application does have CLI commands for GPIO and I2C control. Given a schematic, the demo application could possibly inhibit the CAN transceivers.

I’m working on contacting my NVIDIA representative now.