We are working on some medical project.We are using jetson TX2 as reference schemaics.My question is"why U32(PART NUMBER:TPS3808G01DBVR) is mentioned as NOSTUFF?"eventhough this IC is useful in your design.This IC will give reset signal if voltage level goes below 1.8V.Shall remove all NOSTUFF components from my design or shall I keep those as it is?

Hi, no need to keep it, you can remove all NOSTUFF components if no special request for your design.

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  1. Can you please provide the alternate parts for RL1632HR007FN ( RS1 is the reference designator in TX2 module), RL1632L4-R020-FNH ( R265 is the reference designator in TX2 module). We couldn’t able to find them in any websites.

  2. For SN74AUP1G00DCKR ( U43 is the reference designatior in TX2 module ) the supply voltage according to the data sheet is 3.6V max, but in TX2 schematics it is fed with 5V. So the IC won’t withstand right…??
    can i provide 3.3V supply to it…??

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For Q1, these current sense resisters are from Cyntec Co., Ltd., contact their sales and technical support teams may get more info, NVIDIA not maintain other source.
For Q2, thanks for the finding we will have BOM update use a 5V tolerance logic gate.

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Q1. In your schematics reference designation(D11) symbol is Bidirectional but part number (MSP5.0A-M3/89A) what you people are mentioned is unidirectional ESD. Which ESD diode should i choose in my design either Unidirectional or bidirectional?

Q2. As per datasheet pins 6,7,9,10 are NC for part number(AZ1045-04F) but still in your design it is connected to the usb signals. Is this suggestible?

Q2. Iam not going to use Ethernet connector in my design, then what is the termination for those pins? In design documents (OEM,TRM,Developer kit…etc) it is not mentioned.

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  1. Please take part number as reference.

  2. Just follow reference design.

  3. Leave this pins unconnected.

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Q1) We have designed custom carrier board with TX2 carrier board as reference.Our custom carrier board is not booting where as the same gpu we are able to boot on TX2 carrier board.
We have hardcoded booting pins as follows
D8 is Pulled low
H10 is pulled low
G10 is pulled low
G11 is pulled high
D9 is pulled low AND sleep , force recovery buttons are not pressed while powering up the custom carrier board.

Is my design is correct? If not,what is the correct way to deal with those pins?
I have followed OEM design guide.Still my board is not booting.Please help us as early as possible.
Q2) Before booting what firmware guy has to do?

Q3) Is booting process for BO4 and C02 design is same or different? If it is different what is the process for each. I have followed C02 design.

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We have ordered 5 Tx2 modules for our custom carrier boards.We have followed C02 Schematic Design.Is booting process and firmware code for both C02 and B04 are same or different?Is Tx2 module which we are purchasing supports C02 Desing?or do we need to change any firmware code for booting?

As for pins connection, do not change the default status of strapping pins which you can find in OEM DG.
The power on sequence is almost same, which you can find in design guide. C02 is compatible to all previous modules.

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My custom carrier board booting is successful. TX2 modules which we have ordered are successfully flashed with JetPack 3.3 on my C02 custom carrier board. But I am missing Nvidia logo on my screen with custom carrier board. What might be the problem. But when I used your Jetson TX2 development kit I am able to see Nvidia logo.

Is that logo related to EEPROM? I am a hardware guy, I am wondering whether because of my wrong design it is missing?? Please provide complete idea about it…

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Are you able to dump the bootloader log from UART? The boot logo is actually initiated by Cboot.

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We have only test points for UART’s in our custom carrier board,it will be difficult for us to “dump bootloader log from UART”.We can see 1’s and 0’s in the oscilloscope when we connect H12(UART0_TX) to oscilloscope through wire.Is there any other way to find out the reason for NVIDIA logo missing?

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No, I don’t think there is another way. The boot logo is from bootloader and it is only shown in UART.

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We are using Jetson TX2 CO2 schematics as refrence…

We are planning to remove all four buttons(Reset button,Volume down (Sleep) button,Recovery button ,Power button ) on our custom carrier board.We have developed Auto power on in our board in order to remove power button.My question is “How to enter into recovery mode if i remove recovery button”.Is there any other option to enter into recovery mode without any physical button press, I mean through any firmware coding?

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Q2)We are not using Pin number A26,A27 and B18 in our design.What is the termination for those pins.I have not find terminations for those pins in design documents(oem,dev kit design,TRM…etc)

Just leave them unconnected if not used.

Trumany please provide information for this question.


We have developed custom carrier board, reference schematics is P2597_C02_OrCAD_schematics. We removed below schematics

  1. ON OFF control circuitry 1
  2. ON OFF control circuitry 2
  3. Ethernet circuitry
  4. HDMI circuitry removed
  5. GPIO expander IC removed

We are using H12 and G12 for serial console. We have developed Auto power ON option. We have only FORCE RECOVERY button on our board.

Problem we are facing is we are not getting USB enable signals from processor(A17 and A18). Custom carrier board USb’s and I2C’s are not working. Booting console is coming for more time than Jetson TX2 carrier board booting console.

Please help us to resolve this issue…

What’s the difference on USB and I2C parts between your design and reference board? Can you please upload the log file for check?