ScInteraction.h: an actor has more than 64K interactions

hi, i would like to place more than 10 static actors one beside the other. I get this warning. How can i make sure that the actors don’t generate interactions. Thanks.

PxRigidStatic actors should not collide with each other so you should be able to put as many as you like in the scene and it cause interactions to be created between them. What else do you have in your scene? Some more information might help identify what the cause is.

FWIW, this limit of 64k interactions per-actor has been lifted in PhysX 3.4 but it’s quite rare for this limit to be reached, at least in real-time applications. PhysX 3.4 has the new GPU rigid body pipeline and you an exceed 64k interactions with that in real-time simulations.

Hi, Thank you for the reply. I was implementing them as Kinematic PxRigidDynamic. Changing to PxRigidStatic fixes the issue. I assumed that Kinematic X Kinematic would not generate any interactions.